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Managed Adwords Campaigns

Drive Relevant Traffic to your Website Pay Per Click,

PPC, campaigns are the most efficient and fast methods of bringing customers to your website. chanel replica sale It has never been more easy to open a Google AdWords account and create an Pay Per Click campaign, that precisely and purposefully hits your target group. chanel replica handbags And you only pay every time somebody actually clicks on your ad. chanel replica handbags And the best part of it is, that you see possible clients click on you ad only a few minutes after you have created your AdWords campaign. chanel replica So instead of paying for very expensive ad campaigns in newspapers and magazines, chanel replica sale where it takes long time to measure the effect, you can with Google AdWords get the effect right away. Could it be any better.

Google AdWords has the following advantages for you:

  • You can reach an interested client group that you couldn't reach before because your AdWords ads are only shown to people that has actually searched for your search keywords

  • Run campaigns in selected countries and on selected languages

  • Your AdWords ads are shown on Google's partner network for example other search engines

  • Complete control with the advertising expenses

  • You only pay when somebody clicks on your AdWords ad

  • The maximum cost per click for searches on your keywords can fully be determined. You will never get invoiced for more than you have decided from the beginning

  • You can change your AdWords ad whenever you like and see the changes within 15 minutes after the change

Sounds good? It is.

But there are some downsides to it as well. Have you ever tried to run a Google AdWords campaign just to find a few days later that your ads and keywords are cancelled and it costs a fortune to get them activated again? This way you just loose money.

But did you know that by knowledge and experience with Google AdWords you can have a successful campaign, where you can get many more clicks to your website than your competitors?

Google AdWords tip

Here is an example: The more relevant you make your AdWords ad to your keywords you have chosen for your ad, the better will your ad position be. What do we mean by relevance? If you use one of your most important keywords in the title of your ad, you will get more clicks, when people search on this keyword.

Google rewards relevance. It is what Google lives of: To deliver relevant search results to the people that searches.

This little tactic can easily increase your Click Through Rate, CTR on your important keyword. CTR means the proportion of the actual number of clicks to the number of times the ad is shown. The better your CTR is the less you pay.

This is just one of several things you can do to your Google AdWords campaign.

If you know all the little tricks and methods for success on Google AdWords, Google AdWords is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website.

Google AdWords - This is how you get started

Z Designers helps you get a successful Google AdWords campaign, because we know the ins and outs of Google AdWords and have the nessecary tools. We help you analyse and find your keywords and keywordphrases and create and maintain your Google AdWords campaign. And you will get it for a fixed price. Contact us to get an offer for your Google AdWords campaign.

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